My reflections on Spring Harvest 2015 | Minehead 3

Every now and then you find yourself in a situation to which the only appropriate response seems to be ‘how did I get here?’. To be honest that is how I have spent the last week. I’ve just had the great joy and privilege of co-leading  the worship at the third and final week of Spring Harvest 2015 at Butlins in Minehead.

Butlins Minehead

Not only did I find myself involved in leading worship at one of the major annual Christian festivals in the UK, but I found myself leading alongside none other than Graham Kendrick (thanks so much Graham for inviting me to be involved).

Spring Harvest

I must admit, in the build up to the week I was quite apprehensive. For years I’ve been going to Christian festivals and conferences and the people who lead and speak are always so confident, mature, funny (and usually tall). I definitely wasn’t sure how I’d fit into a team of professionals and those who had been serving at such like events for years. It wasn’t long into the first evening that much of the apprehension was replaced with a simple sense of wonder, wonder at what God was doing and that in His grace He would involve me.

I am more convinced than ever that God delights in using ordinary people to bring glory to His name and to usher in His kingdom. I am so grateful for the amazing privilege of having been involved in Spring Harvest 2015, for the joy of having met so many amazing people, made great new friends, worked within an incredible team and had a front row seat as God did Immeasurably More! To anyone who reads this, I encourage you, offer all that you have to Jesus, you’ll be amazed at what He can do through you.

Spring Harvest 2

All photo courtesy of the lovely Anna Richards.